Responsible Gambling policy of Fairplay

The company promotes responsible gambling principles. Responsible gambling is all about using gambling as a source of entertainment. Sometimes people forget about it and lose control. It can become a real problem in a person’s life if nothing is done. We strongly advise every player to take it seriously and control the situation. Gambling should bring positive emotions and entertain you, not ruin your life.

How to be a responsible gambler?

Fairplay encourages all players to practice responsible gambling. Our team has prepared a few pieces of advice on how to play responsibly. Please remember, gambling was designed to bring people fun and spicy emotions.It is a form of leisure not a job or something. These tips from our team are meant to help you avoid negative effects of gambling:

  • Do NOT consider gambling as a source of income. Play with fun;
  • Do NOT play for the last money. Play for the part of your financial resources you are ready to lose;
  • Do NOT try to make another bet or spin the wheel in order to cover the losses. Take a break, go for a walk, change focus;
  • Do NOT play drunk or in a bad mood;
  • Do NOT keep all your funds on your card or e-wallet, so you won’t have the desire to spend them all;
  • Do NOT borrow money to gamble;
  • Gambling should NOT be your only entertainment activity;
  • Set limits for time and money you spend on gambling. In extreme cases if you feel an uncontrollable desire to gamble, please ask the Fairplay operator to set “limits” for you.

Following these tips are enough in most cases to be a responsible gambler and do not fall under the bad influence of gambling addiction.

Gambling addiction red flags

Some people fall for gambling addiction, although gambling is mostly a harmless source of leisure. Gambling addiction is a serious disorder. Some of the red flags associated with gambling addiction include but are not limited to:

  • You began borrowing money to gamble;
  • You catch yourself thinking about gambling all the time;
  • You feel bad when you are not playing;
  • You personal life and duties suffer from gambling;
  • You have an irresistible desire to recoup after a loss, thinking you will surely win next game;
  • You catch yourself gambling for the last money;
  • You begin making larger bets to get an adrenaline spicy feeling;
  • You feel angry when your family or friends tell you to stop gambling.

If you recognise yourself in any of the above situations please contact our 24/7 Fairplay customers support service. Tell your relatives you need help with gambling. Trying to deal with addiction on your own is a bad decision. It would be better if you contact a specialist.

Fairplay protects minors

Fairplay company forbids the use of service for people under 18 years old. It is written in the user agreement. Before letting a person gamble they must complete a procedure of identity verification. This way we make sure a person is an adult and allowed to use our services.